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Gawooni creates
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by serving b2b- and b2c-clients

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The participants of the GAWOONI ICO will profit from

  • two ready to publish smartphone games as core assets
  • five games under development with high user interest
  • amazing third party cooperation offers including blockchain-based set-ups or Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions
  • a gaming platform, that provides the users with lots of opportunities, advantages, bonuses, discounts and a solid expanding gaming universe by including crypto and fiat currencies
  • a huge amount of following gamers
  • the company’s and teams long experience
  • a broad business model with two totally independent revenue streams
  • the powerful network into the international gaming industry
  • an impressive list of references and endorsement supporters
  • the amazing growth in the gaming sector of the addressed emerging markets
  • an ecosphere that combines b2b - and b2c-opportunities
  • a utility token (GWON) and a coin that refers to that opportunities and offers more than a one-dimensional in game payment solution
  • strong partners like the Thai Ministry of Tourism and the Elephant Nature Park

GAWOONI leverages the traditional business model of a game developer with the expertise in low risk adapting (subtitles, specific tongue and sounds etc.) and distributing third party AAA-games from Europe and USA to foreign, but Gawooni well-known markets: Especially the Asia-Pacific region with China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore. This enables a maximum of success participation in games with track records and a high emotional gamification approach, what delivers an exceptional value proposition.

With the issuing of the GWON it will be listed at different crypto-exchanges and deliver an additional possibility to participate in the performance of Gawooni by the increase of the tokens value.

GAWOONI is the first ICO with German-British roots and a well-established Asia-Pacific base. Join us, making the gaming decentral, available and joyful for everybody.

The Emerging Markets are the Target

The Emerging Markets are the Target

The Emerging Markets are the Target

GAWOONI is an international game developer and game publisher with a special focus on emerging digital markets like Southeast Asia, India and South America. GAWOONI is following the key trends in the international games market and concentrates on mobile and online gaming including eSports.

Two games are already developed and ready to be published. “Tuk Tuk Rush” is going to be published in close cooperation with the Tourism Authority Of Thailand as the game is featuring Thailand in an interactive way. More than 70,000 fans in Thailand are already following this game on Facebook. „Jungle Rush“ also has a unique approach as it is featuring and supporting endangered animals.

Moreover, GAWOONI is also working on the next big thing in gaming, a complete Games Online Ecosystem built around the GAWOONI utility token and the GAWOONI Coin, which is the ingame currency in all the games within Games Ecosphere. The idea is that you can use one currency across all games and also utilize the GAWOONI token as it can be converted into GAWOONI coins. This offers gamers complete new possibilities especially considering the reward system behind the games ecosphere.

One currency



start of TukTuk Rush
development / R&D
gaming core tech

Games Ecosphere
development starts /
TukTuk Rush media boost
(articles, tv)


Tuk Tuk Rush (Mobile, PC)

A ride in a Tuk Tuk is unforgettable. Anyone who has been to Thailand knows these little mini taxis recklessly weave through traffic. A Tuk Tuk ride is great fun and we want exactly this fun convey in our game. Here you can create your individual Tuk Tuk and experience the fascination of Thailand. You will get to know more than 40 amazing sites of the country. Tuk Tuk Rush is the ideal game for all those who want to discover the fascination of Thailand in an interactive and playful way. It is the first time that a game mixed up with an interactive travel guide.

GAWOONI Games Ecosphere

The first version of the platform will be available and deliver new opportunities in gaming. The GAWOONI developed games will be listed as well as games from third parties joining the ecosystem. Further GAWOONI will invite its high users to new experiences: They can give input to new games, test them and be early adopters with bonuses from the use of their GWON tokens.

Jungle Rush (Mobile, PC)

Do you want to play a challenging Match3 game and learn at the same time something about endangered animals. Great, Jungle Rush is the right game for you. We are featuring 10 animals in the game and partnering with animal care associations around the world. We hope that many people will get inspired by our game and start some action to help and protect the featured animals.

Casino Rush (Mobile, PC)

Jump into the fascination of slot machine gaming. More than 20 themes will guarantee a lot of action and excitement. And the good news, the coins you win in Casino Rush, you can use in our other games running on our GAWOONI Games Portal.

Naval Rush (Mobile, PC)

Naval Rush offers furious action on the high seas. As a captain you have to equip your ship and compete against countless enemies. Naval Rush is a strategic action masterpiece. The maritime steampunk setting creates a unique atmosphere and the great variety of ship designs as well as the tactical possibilities in the game will create excitement amongst gamers.

Crossy Rush (Mobile, PC)

Master the traffic on the busiest intersections in the world. The most popular intersections in the world are being recreated in this game - something never happened before - fun guaranteed !!! This game is build with massive input from the community. We are building and simulating the intersections suggested and voted by our community. Maybe your town is also featured!

World Street Domination (Mobile, PC)

With World Street Domination we would like to create a game for all fans of Arcade Fighting Games. When we were young we played Arcade Fighting classics like STREETS OF RAGE and DOUBLE DRAGON. Now we would like to develop a game inspired by these classics but brings latest gameplay & features and add our own ideas for a challenging and motivating gameplay. World Street Domination is not a serious fighting game. It is a funny arcade fighter connected to real world locations - Lets get ready to rumble in the streets of Mumbai, Bangkok, Shanghai, Tokio, London, Rio de Janeiro, New York and many others.


The GAWOONI token is called GWON. The GWON is an universal payment instrument in the GAWOONI Games Ecoshpere. GWON tokens can be exchanged into GWON coins and vise versa. The GWON coins are the ingame currency you can use in all games published through GAWOONI Games Portal.

Gamers want to play games. All games on the Platform are free-to-play that means that you are allowed to play for free, but you have a huge amount of things to get for money. And as money in all this games the GWON Coin is used. The GWON Coin is unique payment instrument for gamers in GAWOONI Platform which can be easily exchanged for GWON Token and vise versa. With different opportunities of being rewarded by GWON Coins and free exchange for GWON Tokens.

Game developers and Advertisers
All services described above can be paid by GWON Token with reasonable discount comparing with fiat money.

GAWOONI Ecosphere Marketplace
One of the main feature for gamers is our new brand Marketplace. Our games contain goods and special skills which allows gamers to achieve better results in shorter time, e.g. in „Tuk Tuk Rush“ gamers are upgrading their Tuk Tuks. All Tuk Tuks can be sold to other gamers. Another thing is interactive travelbooks where gamers collect unlocked hotspots like in sticker albums. To complete the album gamers can buy/sell stickers.


  • Max. Supply Limit Of Tokens:40.000.000 GWON
  • Available For Sale:22.000.000 GWON
  • Min. Cap in Tokens:1.000.000
  • Token Price:0.001ETH
  • Ticker Symbol:GWON
  • Accepted Fiat Currencies:no
  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies:BTC, ETH
  • Not allowed for:USA, China, Germany, Austria, Singapore
  • Exchanges:TBA


Frank Holz
Director / Member Of The Board
Michael H. Beekmann
Director / Member Of The Board
Martin Szymanski
Head of Publishing
Abhinandan Unawane
Marketing Manager India
Marco Mingxun Jin
Business Development Asia
Amporn Srisang
Business Development SEA
Clarence Pereira
Game Producer

Advisory Network

Marc Küpper
Snakebyte Technologies
Christian Sauerteig
Managing Director
Immanitas Entertainment
Frank Sliwka
COO Asia
ESL Gaming
Dr. Mawin Dankul
Knowledge Development Center
Neville Patel
Qualitas Global QA Labs
Oliver Schilz
Managing Partner
Global Asset Partners
Michael Hoh
Punk Venture
Dr. Lutz Anderie
General Manager
The Advantage
Group International
Dr. Vitaly Berzon
Punk Venture
Lioudmila Pokhis
Managing Partner
TrueNorth Concepts/Capital


I already know Frank for two decades. Frank is a very reliable and pleasant partner, working with him is always expedient - without losing the fun at work. I have followed his entry with GAWOONI into the Southeast Asian and Indian growth markets with great interest. The first games by GAWOONI - Tuk Tuk Rush and Jungle Rush - have a very interesting approach with their informative and educational content, which is extremely promising, especially as local games publishing is guaranteed thanks to local offices and teams. I wish Frank and his GAWOONI team the greatest possible success!

GAWOONI has a very good chance in the games market from my perspective because they focus on casual games related to the real world. This new genre has international potential. The game Tuk Tuk Rush shows this kind of realization in an interesting and captivating way. Frank is an experienced man in the games industry. Our paths have crossed many times over the last 10 years. He knows how to market games, has a realistic sense for this market, motivation and optimism. These are the main characteristics for sustainable success.

It’s great to hear that GAWOONI will launch its first games beginning of 2018. With a focus on mobile games, Southeast Asia and India, GAWOONI has an interesting positioning in the games market. We can offer GAWOONI our full support when it comes to Online and Mobile Marketing. I know Frank from our times at Infogrames where we created great marketing campaigns. I wish Frank and his team all the best for GAWOONI.

I‘m really excited about the further development of your games. The animation and approach are magnificent. Southeast Asia and India are powerful gaming markets. The games Tuk Tuk Rush or Jungle Rush will certainly succeed as well as on an international level. I have been known Frank for a long time and always admired his professionalism, his fantastic knowledge of this industry and of course his creative approach from a marketing point of view.

Hi GAWOONI folks, we recently heard that Frank (who I know for many years) is going to build from scratch a mobile publisher focused on the Southeast Asia and India markets ! I can hardly think of any other more experienced expert in this area and I have no doubt at all that Gawooni will soon be a shining star within the business. Congrats to all for joining this very promising endeavor!

I constantly hear people perceiving the current mobile games market as unattractive. Frank shows that it is a matter of perspective. GAWOONI takes mobile entertainment to the markets that matter now and in the future and serves local content that matters to these customers. This endeavor needs a global mindset and a focus on opportunities - something that Frank always showed in the 15+ years I have known him for.

It‘s very inspiring to see Frank - whom I‘ve known for many years - and his multi-cultural team, using local-flavored topics and content, targeting international standards and audiences.South East Asia and India are two great examples of upcoming and growing markets with fantastic potential. I look forward to discussing competitive multiplayer esports aspects for Gawooni‘s future games.

I know Frank for a long time, he is a German Gaming Expert who is very much interested in Asian culture. He has a deep understanding of the SEA markets and this is also reflected in GAWOONIs game projects. Tuk Tuk Rush is an amazing game featuring a mix of fast paced gameplay and Thai culture environment. I wish GAWOONI and Tuk Tuk Rush a BIG Success.

I know Frank from a long time from game projects in Thailand. He is a gaming experts and supports developers and publisher around the world. Wir GAWOONI Frank is now starting a games publisher with a special focus on mobile and online games. These are the right games for Southeast Asia. I am happy to see the coming games from GAWOONI, especially Tuk Tuk Rush, which is a game about Thailand. I wish GAWOONI all the best for the start of the company.


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